“I just wanted to formally say thank you for all your creativity, hard work and inspiration. I really enjoyed working with you... one of the things people repeatedly mention about our party are the flowers! They were superb. Thanks to your lovely team aswell.”

Shash & Saul

Fun City girl Shash, who looks like a pop star, wanted her wedding reception to be London cool, colourful and fun with plenty of traditional Sri Lankan elements thrown in.

The cool came from the warehouse style venue next to the Thames, the colours came from all my favourites orchids and other gorgeous exotic plant material; Heliconias, Gloriosa, Anthuriums, Celosia etc etc. The fun was added with lots of funky wire, mini mirror balls and bling mixed with her Sri Lankan fabric Elephants. The whole planning process was enormous fun too, as we just bounced ideas of each other. At the end of the night we sat up a stall to wrap up all the flowers, for the guests to take home.


Trinity Buoy Wharf
London, E14


Rohit Gautam