Deborah & Antonno

London in black and white with a splash of pink - Young German doctor marries her young Dutch graphic designer boyfriend in London.

Deborah came to me with a very clear idea of what she wanted. My role was really just to help with the slightly larger displays and generally filling in the gaps. Her mother has a lifelong floral artist friend in Germany and Deborah had picked up several marvellous tricks from this friend. These included wreaths made from old book pages, cones from books covered in wax and discs to hold a single test-tube.

The wreaths made nice base decorations for The College’s historic old candelabra and we added some varied flowers in pinks, the cones worked as pew end displays with heads of hydrangea and the test tubes were a nod towards Deborah’s medical background.

The guests were all asked to wear black and white with a splash of bright pink. Deborah wore a veil and we re-interpreted that on her bouquet. Then the fun could begin with London and all her sights as a suitable interlude.


Goodenough College
London, WC1N


Magdalena Bell