"The Church arch was so stunning and the bouquets complimented the bridesmaids and my dress perfectly..."

“I can't thank you enough for both yours and Becky's effort this weekend. You made the church and the marquee look so beautiful and noone else in my mind could have achieved what you guys did.”

Amy & John

Gypsophila romance in Yorkshire.

You could tell that lovely Amy and her mother had been looking forward to this for years and indeed the couple had been together nearly 10 years. So this had to be done in style and it had to be done well, as all their friends were expecting the wedding of the century, as Amy is also a party planner. John is from Yorkshire, so that, was where the venue, would have to be found. And what a find! The wonderful family run property of Newburgh Priory, with an adjacent ruined wing, already with a marquee installed. The Family also have their own church connected to the estate going back to Cromwell days and this provided the perfect setting for the ceremony.

Romantic was the brief and also to use Gypsophila. Our tall cream candelabra got wrapped in lace and filled with foliage, which actually got picked from the estate by Amy’s brother, with the permission from the family of course. In fact they were delighted with the timely pruning of their ivy “forest”. Lots of large headed roses were used, some with delicious scent. The church had gorgeous pieces of satin ribbon on the pew doors and large bunches of pink and white Gypsophila mixed with roses attached. The lych-gate got a special treatment by filling the inside space with the two colours of Gypsophila. We did it this way, as you approached it coming up a couple of steps, so the inside was the most important aspect.


Newburgh Priory
Coxwold, York


Colin Baldwin